how to fold a horse blanket

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First Remove the Blankie From the Horsie

It was bad enough wrestling with a fitted sheet to fashion some kind of half-arsed fold without adding the oddly-shaped horse blanket to the mix. Naturally, you won’t be taking your horse blankie unless the weather conditions dictate, but you never know, so we’re saying that first.

Folding horse rugs and blankets can be more perilous than folding a fitted sheet because horse blankets are often much larger and heavier. They’re not easy to fold neatly, but we have been looking for the best way to fold a horse blanket and here we are.

Side warning: Beware the dirty, wet, or manure-covered rugs. This can increase the risk of infection if the rugs or blankets come into contact with your skin or eyes.


how to fold a horse

Step 1 – Lay Out the Blanket on a Flat 
Dry Surface

fold lengthwise

Lay the blanket out on clean, dry floor,  folded in half along the length of the spine (lengthwise). 

Step 2 – Tuck in Belly Straps and Uneven Shapes

Tuck in Belly Straps to Fold Horse Blanket

 Tuck in the belly straps so they don’t get snagged on anything. The goal is to create a straight-edged rectangle. Tuck in the angular end pieces to create your rectangle. Flatten it down and press out the air. If your blanket is shaped slightly differently, it works on the same principle. Reduce the blanket to a symmetrical shape that can be mathematically folded. Such precision!

    pivo tripod

    Step 3: Fold Into Thirds

    Now with the spine edge along the top, fold into thirds from left to right.  Tuck in anything that doesn’t line up right.

    Tidy thirds folding horse blanket
    horse rugs purple violet
    Horse blanket ruby red
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    Step 4: Fold Into Square

    Final Square Horse Rug Fold

    General Tips on Folding a Horse Blanket

    The best advice I was given on folding blankets is to reduce the shape to something 4 sided and symmetrical in the earliest possible fold. Hiding straps and shapes early enables your final fold to be neater. This method above can also be done by folding in half lengthwise, tucking pieces, then folding lengthwise again. Fold the short edges in to meet each other, then fold into a square. Done!

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